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Poem: “Wild Turkeys”

The wild turkeys by my office window today gave me some ideas…


These wild creatures who crave routine

tell about two kinds of people:

Those who are out to gain and those that are out to share.


Four hens came rushing up to my front porch

(turkeys  never walk, they run in single file)

looking for grain and peanuts

that the birds and squirrels hadn’t found yet


They didn’t display any fighting behavior for their food

but I do know that sometimes people run over others

(literally and figuratively)

to get ahead or to get more


Three male turkeys came a little while later

they were confident in their ability to get more

without rushing for it

Maybe they were counting on their rugged beauty to get them places


The birds and animals that share

are likely males that bring food back to their family

the ones who are not as brightly colored or forthcoming


People that are out to share

are probably the most blessed people on earth

Their joy comes from giving and not receiving

their hearts are warm and their being content assured


That is how I like to live

— D. S.

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