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Wild Turkeys!

This is the first post in this blog that has nothing to do with writing.  I miss my blogging days where I wrote about nature, animals, birds, people, and positivity. So…unless I hear strong objections, including various items of interest will help me to stay in touch with you more often.

On my morning walk today, up ahead of me a dozen turkey hens walked in single file from between two houses to across the street.  As I approached them, they picked up their speed a little bit.  It reminds me of the time I worked out of my home, and every morning at 7:30 sharp, a band of turkeys literally raced, in single file, across my lawn.  It was like they were headed to a fire!  Their little custom made me smile and gave me something to look forward to.

Note that the hens and male turkeys do not travel together.  It is usually three males in a group and a few hens in their own group, but never have I seen 12 hens at one time!

There is a little lesson here for me:  Change happens.  Realize that some things you have to say goodbye to, like the way things are done or the things that you see, may return in the future.


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