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How Friday Night Turned Out

Friday night was fun, exciting — and scary!  I say “scary” because there were a couple times during my testimony that the emcee standing next to me had to take over and read my poem “You are Something Special” for me.  I got choked up often during my talk because of how grateful I feel to still be alive (and I know “by whose stripes I have been healed”).

Friday night was fun for me because I got to meet the husband and daughter of my friend Donna – she was the one who invited me to speak.  I met other  lovely people there that night – a few men and about 30 women.

When it came time to sell my book at the end of the evening, it was exciting for me to meet so many nice people, some of whom purchased my book.

I am thankful that I had this opportunity and feel very blessed.  Maybe I will consider speaking in public again if I am given the chance.  🙂

Peace to you, my sisters and brothers – and thanks!

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