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Welcome to my new subscriber!

I hope you enjoy your time  here.  You will see that I don’t post everyday like I used to on my other blogs, but that’s okay.  I like photos a lot, so I may post photos that have nothing to do with my post.

This is a reminder for everyone that I am looking to start up some good conversations here; anyone can jump in.

Currently I am trying to balance my day job, writing career, and housework.  It takes discipline, yes, to do that, and I am not there yet but hope to be soon!  I am keeping track of the ideas I get for my next book, so that when I have my outline written I will be all set to go.

What projects are you working on right now — writing or otherwise?  Would love to catch up!  Just click on the Contact page at the top or use the comment box below this post.

Have a good weekend!


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