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Outlining: What are its two schools of thought?

I am now eagerly working on my second book.  I started it a couple of years ago but stopped because I felt I needed to get my cancer book out there. Now that my cancer book is on Amazon, I can turn my full attention to my new “baby”.

This book fits loosely in the “speculative Christian” genre.  It is a novel that I am very excited about, as I get more and more ideas for it every day.

So far I am in the outlining stage of the book.  There are two camps out there regarding outlining:  “pantsers” and “plotters.”

Pantsers say their creativity is stifled if they have to first sit and come up with an outline; they would rather “fly by the seat of their pants,” hence the name.

Plotters prefer writing from an outline because it helps them keep everything organized.  This prevents continuity problems, holes in the plot, loose ends, writing yourself into a corner, and writer’s block.

I will write a post soon that explains my take on the whole process.  Stay tuned!

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